Kua Sky

Client from: 2018-PRESENT

Who are they: a company making novel, high-quality skydiving gear for all—leads the way in the up-and-coming freefall apparel game. Striving for a strong connection with our customers that goes beyond the transaction. 

Our job: 

  • Marketing x Organic social media development and management (with integrated content creation) for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Customer engagement, Email marketing services using Mailchimp, business reviews across all platforms and customer service maintenance, operating back end of NEW website promotions and gorilla marketing.
  • All Creative Services x Content Creation

Strategy: ​​Organic Marketing x Loud colorful design. Kua Sky is an online store front. Their marketing launched using Brand Ambassadors, that later turned into family – now, with a waiting list to be a Kua Ambassador – the brand is self running. Kua focused on their product to be tailored to what their customer needed in a high intensity sport. Over the years they have listened, built on and shown up for all their customers. They have now launched into several other areas of the industry. We believe smart customer service builds a good rapport from our loyal customers; giving us a valuable foundation for returning customers. Kua understands an online storefront must stay ahead of trends and always be ever changing – while staying true to the original brand. We focus on engaging with each follower, and vetting accounts (vs. having 1000 bot accounts that front popularity.) We also focus on tailored content with clear messaging that would cause a response from their consumers (#kuafam!) and showcase the personality, voice and character of Kua Sky. We don’t do corporate cookie cutter, it’s all real transparent organic marketing.

Favorite campaigns: 

  • 2020 Stay at Home Social Media Quarantine Contests Initiative: To keep engagement for business during the pandemic.
  • 2020 Santa Social Media Takeover: Winter collection promo.
  • 2019-Present Annual Black Friday social media & Eblast campaigns.
  • 2020-Present Monthly #KuaFan contest.

@kuaskyclothing Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Email Marketing Content Creation x Management

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