Branding x Graphic Design


San Diego Magazine

Content Creation.
Industry: Media
Who are they: multi-platform lifestyle media company covering food, arts and culture, travel, health and wellness, social progress, and life in San Diego County.



Marine Genome Project

Logo Design x Branding Industry: Environmental Conservation Organization
Who are they: Creating science based community solutions to preserving oceans genetic diversity. Logo used for t-shirts, stickers and more.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator



Turfs Up LLC

Website Design
By Rachel Frank
Industry: Landscape Design
Who are they: Professional landscape services. Turf's Up LLC provides Premium Landscape Services Specializing in Landscape Maintenance, Design, and Build.
Designed in: WordPress
Facebook @Turfsupllc



M Power Yoga

Industry: Health & Fitness
Who are they: Located in Baltimore, MD. Yoga class rebranding; class emblem series. Each yoga class had its own mark. We created each logo piece, poster & postcard.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator



Brewers Hill Hub

Tri-fold Design
Industry: Collaborative work spaces
Who are they: “You have a business to run and we have the space for you to run it.” they literally have everything you need in a work space...Located in Baltimore, MD.
Designed in: Adobe Indesign x Adobe Photoshop


Keep it Snowing

Logo Design x Branding
Industry: Shopping & Retail
Who are they: Here at Keep It Snowing we love all things winter (no surprise). We wanted to find a way to give back and celebrate our love for travel and the snow capped mountains
Designed in:Adobe Illustrator
Instagram @keepitsnowing



SJ Swim

Logo Design x Apparel x Sticker Designs
Industry: Clothing x Swimwear
Who are they: Handmade Swimwear, Located in Bloomington, IN
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator
Instagram: @sj_swim_



Blue Skies Bodywork

Logo Design x Branding
Industry: Massage Therapy
Who are they: Specializing in skydiving x extreme sport athletes, based in San Diego, CA.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator
Follow on Instagram: @blueskiesbodywork



Winlock Dance Center

Creative Services
Industry: Health & Fitness
Who are they: Children’s dance and group fitness studio in Winlock, WA.
Client 2019-present
Designed in: Posters in Adobe Photoshop x Logo in Adobe Illustrator
Facebook: @WinlockDance



Eastport Luncheonette

Logo Design for apparel and new signage
Industry: Restaurant
Who are they: Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant. Based in Eastport, NY. Luncheonette, In memory of Noreen...“Some Good Home Cooking from Noreen! Every Friday Night Live Music 6 to 11 pm. Now serving Beer and Wine. Great Dinner Menu or Late Night Snacks.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator
Facebook: @EastportLuncheonette



Cardiac Nutritionist

Logo x Branding
Industry: Nutrition
Who are they: ...A Cardiac Nutritionist
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator


Kona Skies Hang gliding

Logo x Branding
Industry: Tourism x Adrenaline Sports
Who are they: Coming soon... Located in Big Island of Hawaii, Kona Skies will be operating a powered hang glider (aka a trike) low flying air tours over the beaches of the coastline! From the client: “We are looking for something kind of colorful and playful. Aloha shirt/tie dye vibe. Something we can build the brand around as exciting and playful at the same time.”
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator



Prawn to be Wild

Sticker Design
Industry: Skydiving x Adrenaline Sports
Who are they: Skydivers. This sticker design was made for tagging locations - and has been seen at Dropzones all over Australia and New Zealand. One of Nadine’s favorite projects.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator


Iron Rose Farm

Logo mark for signage
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator


Ask Ros She Travels

Logo x Branding
Industry: Travel
Who are they: Your go to Responsible Tourism & Cultural Immersion Expert. The name speaks for itself - Ask ros, she travels! Logo based on Visa stamps from Nadine’s passport and Ros’ favorite locations.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator
Instagram: @ask.ros.she.travels



Flock Goods

Logo x Branding Items
Original Website Design with Ryan Eberhardt
Industry: CBD Products
Who are they: CBD for the Active
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator Instagram: @flockgoods



Bosom Buddies

Logo x Branding
Industry: non-profit
Who are they: Ask Ros, She Travels, gave birth to Bosom Buddies….Collecting donated bras through local & online community events. Bras are then distributed to local women's shelters.
Request from client: A simple, feminine logo, maybe some bras incorporated. AND a little square image with BB.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator
Follow on Instagram: @donateyourbras



Skydive San Diego Retail

Logo Design x All Apparel Design from 2019-2021
Industry: Clothing x Gear, Skydiving x Adrenaline Sports
Who are they: The retail store for Skydive San Diego. Full portfolio on client website, collections from 2019-early 2021.
Designed in: Adobe Illustrator
Instagram: @sdsdretail


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