Skydive San Diego


*Previous* Fully Branded Client from 2017-2021

Who are they: San Diego’s Premier Skydiving Dropzone, offering tandem and experienced skydiving.

Our job:

  • Marketing x organic social media development and management (with integrated content creation) for Instagram and Facebook, all ad campaigns from 2017-2021, Email marketing services on Mailchimp and previously Pardot, business reviews and customer service maintenance, SEO services, gorilla marketing, event promotion and event operations assistance.
  • All Creative Services from 2017-2021

Favorite campaign: 

  • 2020 “I Jumped for…” The campaign, Breast cancer awareness month tee giveaway. 
  • 2020-Present “Get after it” – AFF First Jump Course Campaign.
  • 2019 “Sunday Scaries” – magazine print and online campaign with San Diego Magazine, Reader, and more SD publications.
@skydivesandiego on Instagram and Facebook

Get AFFter it Trifold Design/Campaign Side 1

Get AFFter it Trifold Design/Campaign Side 2

Get AFFter campaign

The Dive Bar Design
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