Bonehead Composites

Client from: 2018-PRESENT

Who are they: Bonehead Composites is an industry leader in Carbon Fiber Aerosport Helmets specializing in products for extreme sports, Made to order in the USA. Offering a line of open and full-face helmets for military and civilian skydiving worldwide and a line of low-profile flight helmets and aviation products, along with helmets for extreme water skiing and bull riding. Est. in 1996 – this family run business located in Perris Valley, CA. Their helmets can be seen in movies such as Mission:Impossible – Fallout, Hobbs & Shaw, Fast & Furious 9, and the new Marvel Loki Series on Disney+.

Our job:

  • Marketing x Organic social media development and management (with integrated content creation) for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. Customer engagement, all press/ad campaigns, Email marketing services using Klavio, business reviews across all platforms, customer service maintenance, SEO & Google Ad services, gorilla marketing, event promotion and event operations assistance.
  • All Creative Services x Content Creation

Strategy: Organic Marketing and Design. Bonehead Composites is a family run grass roots business. We opted to focus on continuing to build their loyal customers vs. a large following (like most of their competitors.) Their clientele must trust their products to protect them in most extreme sports. We believe smart customer service builds a good rapport from our loyal customers; giving us a valuable foundation for returning customers. We focus on engaging with each follower, and vetting accounts (vs. having 1000 bot accounts that front popularity.) We also love their cheeky style of language and engagement, Bonehead most certainly has a strong personality and we like to show in our marketing. 

Favorite campaigns: 

  • 2020 New website release: social media takeover campaign.
  • 2019 Dynamic Helmet release: iFly Indoor tunnel takeover tour with special guests and hosted parties.
  • 2019 April Fools “Cookie Composites” take over prank with Social Media, Website, Apparel and top Bonehead fans. 
@boneheadcomposites Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & TikTok

Marketing Bonehead
Social Media Management x Email Marketing x Website Redesign

Google Analytics x Customer Review Management

Cheeky Social Media Management
Huck Jam Event
April Fools Campaign
Field Banner
Logo Holiday Campaign
Eblast Content
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